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The Priesthood Today

Over the past several years, we have been exposed to a lot of negative news about parish priests, the priesthood in general, and the Catholic Church. It has been a reason for some Catholics leaving the church, and thinking they do not need organized religion.

The paradox is that our Church is both human and divine. The divine part, the sacraments and scriptures given to us by God, IS PERFECT. As human beings we are made up of strengths and weaknesses, light and darkness. The human part is where the sinful, broken aspect of every religious denomination comes into play.

The media’s overemphasis on stories about certain individuals can overshadow and diminish the need for the sacredness of the Roman Catholic Priesthood. As a result, some Catholics are in danger of turning their backs on all of Christ’s priesthood, their church and their very faith.

A priest is not a priest unto himself. Rather, once he is ordained, he shares in the Priesthood of Jesus Christ, our High Priest, and Savior. Even though a priest is man, and human, he shares in a divine and sacred priesthood. This man, once ordained, is a priest forever (Hebrews 7:17). He is charged with leading all souls to heaven, and given special graces by God to help him.

This is what Saint John Vianney knew in his heart about the priesthood, and why he devoted his entire life to leading souls to heaven.

Today, Catholics must focus on the goodness of their faith, and the great gift the priesthood is to the Church and the world. We must see the divine and human side of our priests and see the good works they perform everyday… everywhere. Our priests are good men doing God’s work.
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