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Celebrate Christ's Priesthood

Through Christ’s priesthood, we receive grace and forgiveness. It is through our parish priests that we find communion with God and the strength to live out our faith. The priest goes from man to God and offers Him our prayers. He returns from God to bring pardon and hope. The heart of the Church is the Eucharist. Through this extraordinary sacrament, God’s instrument, the priest, transforms bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ.

In 1925, Pope Pius XI canonized Father John Vianney, and proclaimed him the Patron Saint of all Parish Priests. Saint John Vianney was known everywhere as the Curé of Ars (the Pastor of Ars). He had a boundless compassion for sinners, and in his lifetime, converted thousands to Christ.

We honor Saint John Vianney’s legacy of love, compassion, piety, humility and service to the Church. Let his life and sainthood continue to be an inspiration to priests and Catholics everywhere.

Through the life of Saint John Vianney, let us reflect on the gift of the priesthood and the good works priests do everyday... everywhere.

Let us celebrate Christ’s Priesthood.
Five Sacred Days of Veneration and Celebration. October 7-11

The miraculously incorrupt heart of Saint John Vianney, Patron Saint of Parish Priests, will be on view at Curé of Ars Church, Merrick, Long Island. This is the first time since his canonization that this sacred relic has left France. We are blessed with the rare opportunity to venerate this sacred relic, one of God’s miracles.

It’s a spiritual event of a lifetime for all Catholics, and all are invited to attend.

Boston Visit (10/12-10/14): Public Sched., Clergy Sched.
For detailed schedule of events, click on the dates below:
Saturday, October 7th
Veneration, Confession and Mass for all the faithful.
Sunday, October 8th
Cure’ of Ars Church, Merrick, 80th anniversary celebration (Parishioners only).
Monday, October 9th (Columbus Day)
The Priesthood is the Heart of Jesus: Veneration and Mass for Priests. Vespers for Deacons, Religious and Seminarians.
Tuesday, October 10th
Veneration, Mass, Confession and Vespers for all the faithful.
Wednesday, October 11th
Veneration, Confession and closing Mass for all the faithful.
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